Corinne Mamane
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Corinne was born on Aug. 18th 1965 in Casablanca, Morocco, to Rozet and Solomon
Mamane. In 1982 she completed her high school studies in sciences with excellence, at the
"Lycée Lyautey" school in Casablanca. She continued her education in the University City
Montplier where she completed her rst year in medicine and second year in pharmacy.
Corinne had visited Israel with a group of young French Jews. Her love for Israel and children
were a part of her personality. On June 15th 1984 Corinne went out to celebrate the results of
her examinations with two of her friends. On that trip, she was involved in a trac accident
where she lost her life. Naming a museum after Corinne in Ashdod, a young and growing city
in Israel, is in her family's view a realization of her dreams. The museum in the name of
Corinne Mamane is of some comfort for her family.
May her memory be blessed.